Monday, January 12, 2009

"Truth Is Beautiful, Without Doubt; But So Are Lies. "

I lie because I’m in flux. I lie because my indecision shames me. I lie because there is no good reason for my failure and the lies render me inculpable. I lie so that I am not a disappointment. Because I need people to believe in my ability, so my potential can manifest itself. I lie because I am loyal to others and at times it is the honorable thing to do. I lie because the implications of reality can be disabling. Because I believe in the power of hope, even where none truly exists, I lie.

I lie because it affords me the freedom to do what I want and not what I should. I lie to protect myself from the consequences of my actions or more often lack of action. I lie to insulate myself from the wrath of others, to deflect responsibility. I lie to divert anger from its rightful target. I lie so people will side with me and rally against the object of my spite. Because it strengthens my arguments and makes any opposition appear ineffectual, I lie.

I form my tales of deceit for the simple pleasure of creation. Lies are at times more profitable than the truth. I lie because I want and it helps me to get. Because I like to whine and it gives me something to grumble about. Because I prefer my company to that of others and lack valid excuses to spend time with myself, I lie.

I lie because I’m angry and don’t feel people deserve unadulterated honesty. I lie because it’s a learned behavior. Because I’ve been lied to and know the effect that it has. I lie to encapsulate myself in mystery. I lie to make myself look more appealing or worthy of admiration and affection. I am never at fault, I’m always right. I lie to convince myself that my feelings are valid and that I’m not misguided or unstable. Because I’m fearful of the truth, I lie.

“All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it.
I myself deny it.” – H.L. Mencken

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