Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Girls Pop Off

The new season of Bad Girl's Club is ATROCIOUS.
I miss Tanisha and her never ending quotables so I've compiled the following list:

On promoting physical violence over verbal resolutions "Pop- off."

On muscles soreness after aerobics class "I’m feeling muscles I never knew existed…it’s like the whole of Brooklyn jumped me."

On sweating intensely during aerobics class "I smell like dead people."

On visiting a ranch "Does it look like I’ve ever been to a ranch before? I’ve had ranch dressing."

On Andrea talking shit behind people’s backs through her myspace blog "You can’t play a playa, playa. And I’m a playa!"

On Andrea leaving the house "She’s weak, (to Cordelia) look how many times we ganged up on you."

On Hanna and Neveen throwing liquor on some haters "These girls pop-off for all the wrong reasons."

On her roommates involvement in her false arrest "I blame all of them. Hanna threw a drink on a girl’s face. Neveen wanted to keep on dancing and Darlene jumped in the air like a Mexican princess."

On promoting physical violence over verbal resolutions "Pop- off!!" (i know its already on here...but it's CLASSIC)

On the injustice of food being ordered and people not notifying her "When did ya’ll order pizza? How’d ya’ll order food when I was sleeping? That’s foul yo, I love Pizza."


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