Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anger Mongers

Have you ever watched someone in the throes of indignation? Seen their complexion change as their blood boiled? Heard the deluded excitement of their rage-full rants? For some Anger is a perverted happiness. They revel in their malcontent. These people coddle minor irritations, fanning their flame when they threaten to dissipate, thrusting them forth when they inhabit only the dimly lit corners of their mind. They do this to divert attention from things of actual importance. Instead of finding the solution to a problem, these people prefer to rest on the laurels of the problem itself. The concept of forgiveness is as alien to them as a blossoming plant is to arid land. They don’t realize that forgiveness is more for oneself than for whomever it is that has committed the violation. So, they allow anger to put down roots and entwine itself with their being. They nurture this negativity, unwittingly at first, but eventually it delights and defines them.

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