Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black and Ugly as Ever

Christopher Wallace b.k.a. Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G. was a lyricist of unparalleled talent. To listen to his music is to step into someone else’s shoes and experience life from a different perspective. It is to trade in your book bag for a scale and a gat, to doubt your worth and ability. It is to raise children with no personal experience of what fatherhood is. To listen to Biggie’s music is to succumb to negative influences and pull your self from them. It is to degrade women while promoting a positive self image for your daughter. It is to grow from a money worshipping youth, infecting your community, into a gifted MC uplifting people through your storytelling and artistry.

The movie Notorious chronicles key points in Biggie’s life. It gives you an understanding of his inspiration and rise to fame, while documenting turning points in his career and personal philosophies. Beautifully acted, the relationships between characters rings true and if you are a fan of Biggie you will obviously appreciate the soundtrack. Notorious is an unflinching portrait of the man: a chauvinist, an absentee parent, a drug dealer, a son, a loyal friend, an innovator, a talent. I strongly suggest you dole out the dough and watch Christopher Wallace transform from unknown to NOTORIOUS.

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Skinny! said...

This movie is great for every hip hop fan out there. Very surprised it did not finish #1 in the box office