Friday, July 15, 2011

Buy A Moleskin You Whiny Little Pissant

i know the written language is a dying art form. i know people rather communicate with internet acronyms than with words that have a heritage and whose etymology teaches you as much about the place and time it originated in as the words themselves. i know the feeling of a pen or pencil against a page is unfamiliar to most. (receipt signatures and comment cards don’t count). i know. BUT, i will never understand why people take to the internet and give people the tools needed to dismantle them. i see blog posts and notes and statuses full of personal information and “why me” declarations. i see tweets full of self loathing and pity, exposing weaknesses and character flaws. and frankly, I DON’T GET IT.

do people even know what diaries and journals are used for anymore?

they’re for sharing your innermost thoughts. for relieving your soul and mind of the burdensome load of misgivings and intense emotions intent on disrupting your contentment. they are for working through hardships and telling stories others might not care about, but that are utterly important to you. journals are for self expression and therapy and keepsakes and laughs and tears. they are for your mental health and to mark personal growth. make use of them, instead of laying your inner turmoil out for everyone to see. people are cruel and strike when they seek weakness… why anyone would make an attack on themselves any easier is beyond me.

is it just me or do the youth these days seem soft and ill equipped to handle the challenges of living?

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