Friday, July 30, 2010

Check Yourself: Chippy D

Montana Fishburne, daughter of Laurence Fishburne is starring in a sex tape in an effort to catapult herself into the spotlight and land serious acting roles. Inspired by the publicity and subsequent celebrity that Kim Kardashian’s sex tape afforded her, Montana, stage name: Chippy D, hopes to have the same type of success. "I'm impatient about getting well-known and having opportunities and this seemed like a great way to get started,” said Montana B.K.A. Chippy D recently.

First off, Chippy D is not at all an improvement over Montana (alias FAIL) and more importantly, porn is not a stepping-stone to serious acting roles (master plan FAIL). If one wants to be well known for their sexual prowess and is excited for opportunities to perform fellatio for compensation, then yes, porn is an excellent idea. But if one wants the opportunity to act in critically acclaimed films or movie franchises, porn is a terrible idea.

Adult film stars are not known for their incredible acting ability or range of emotion. They are more easily recognized by their body parts than their headshots. As such, more often than not, their goals of mainstream stardom are hampered by their previous works.

Before rushing off and releasing a sex tape to garner fame: develop a talent, a penchant for hard work, and a viable plan of action, maybe even ask your actor/director/producer/playwright father for a little advice or a few introductions. Just remember - all publicity is not good publicity and there are usually ramifications for poor decisions. Especially when those decisions are imprinted indelibly on (celluloid) the Internet.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. A reputation is a terrible thing to waste.

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