Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Invisible Man Got The Whole World Watchin'..."

My eyelids sweep over my eyeballs, pushing the tears from the top to the bottom, where they pool around my lashes. Sometimes they're softer and quicker and only the corners of my eyes feel wet. And sometimes, the sweeps amount to nothing. Be they fast and fervent or slow and solemn, the tears don't jerk.

My mother says a sense of relief flooded her when she heard the news. She sat loosely in the chair with a slight smile and a serene expression as analysts discussed the politcal climate and speculated about the new commander in chief's cabinet. I could see her chest lift and swell, fall and deflate with every breath. The rythm was even and comfortable, like her posture in the chair. Arms resting on the arm rests. Slight smile. Knowing, comforted, hopeful smile. Triumphant smile. Confident, reassured, faithful smile. Ecstatic smile. Bright and believing.

Now...some sweeps are strong sweeps and send the salty liquid streaming down my face where it settles on my cheek and causes the skin to itch. It was that smile that made me cry and helped me understand the impact of the historic moment I had witnessed.

The above image is the creation of an artist by the name of Dwayne Rodgers. Copy the link to read more about his piece and the reactions it's inspired.

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